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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): Certainly no let up in the cast sheep trade with all classes meeting a fantastic trade. The highlight of the evening was the show for cast sheep with judging in the capable hands of Andrew Atkinson, It was regular Bentham supporters and top Texel breeders Procters Farm who took both Champion and Reserve. These pens of 5 later went on to make £270 with Champions to a new centre record of £310 both purchased by Yorkshire Halal Meat Supplier Ltd. The third prize pen from Wannops Farms Ltd sold to £300 for a pen of Beltex. J & M Whitfield, Park House sold 1st prize Mules to £124 with RE Woodhouse, Scale Farm selling best Swales to £110. Best bred and pure ewes in general £160-£220 with heavies £140-£160. Good selling types £110-£130 with grazing types depending on quality £80-£100. heavy mule ewes selling well into the £120s with some super heavies over £130 topping at £133.50 from Robert L Wilson, Edinburgh. Smaller fleshy sorts £110+ with the next draw down £90-£105, plain in the £80s. Best of the Swale and SBF ewes selling between £85-£105 with some proper heavies to £119.50 for Blackies and Gritstones topping at £120.50. Mediums £65-£75 and plain £40+. Heavy rams a phenomenal trade with plenty £170-£200. A huge Leicester from R & PE Hargreaves, Barley topped at £230 while the hill breeds topped at £130.50 for Dalesbreds from MJ & A Carr, Brackenbottom. Goats to £100.50 from J & T Wharton, Kirfit Hall.



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Champion Ewes set new Mart Record of £310