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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): New calved cows and heifers kicked off a busy dairy day at Bentham, best of the milkers from Richard Robinson, Hoggetts Lane, with his 22day calved 33litre heifer soaring to £2350, heading home with Joe Wannop. Next in line was Steven Lawson with his heifer at £2180. Trade on the whole similar on the week, £1700-£1900, with others £1400-£1500. Cows to a top of £1950 for a 3rd calver giving 45litres from George & David Whitwell. Another run of in-calf heifers from The Mashiters were a shade easier to the first group, £1400-£1480. A wonderful run of genuine young stock form GB & EA Metcalfe met with much interest, the strongest of the bulling heifers £980-£1080, with the best pair topping at £1150. Maiden heifers £780-£880, topping at £920 for a trio. Younger end stirks, nicely £570-£670. A few heifer calves from other consigners sold to £420 from AJ & AJ Gibbons at 12weeks, others to £410 from K&A Duncan, Mewith.



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New Calved Heifer soar to £2350 from J Robinson