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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): Outwith Christmas Show prices, records were broken on Wednesday night when a great Texel ewe from MB Townley, Straights Head made £268 purchased by Yorkshire Halal. Best bred as well as heavy ewes selling at extreme rates and certainly no let up in trade. More required on a weekly basis to fulfil the strong demand. Also up in the money was D & J Coulson at £238 with Rebecca Burnett selling a pair to £230. Best in general £200+ with heavy ewes £160-£200 depending on breed/quality. Good selling ewes £120-£140 with grazing and plainer ewes £80+. Heavier pens of Mule ewes £120-£130 with a pen from regular Lincoln vendors DJ Summers & Son to £144.50. A cut below at £110+. Strongest horned ewes either side of £110 with Alex Denby, Wennington topping at £115.50. Smaller fleshy types £80-£95. Mediums £65-£75 and plain £50+. The strong trade for cast rams continues with A Lodge, Malham Moor topping with two Leicesters realising £228. A run from Sally Sleightholme, York sold to £190 x 2. Heaviest £160-£190 with plainer sorts £120-£140. Hill rams to £133.50 for Swales from JC Walker. 20 goats forward sold to £128.50 from PA & PJ Ormerod.



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Records Broken with Cast Ewes to £268!