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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): Another large company of buyers from all corners of the UK including a strong contingent from Wales ensured all classes met with the dearest trade of the season. Following on from the jump in the finished lamb price all classes would be £8-£10 dearer on the fortnight. Over 5000 forward and many more could have been sold with buyers leaving short and some not even getting started. Overall average £88.76+ £21 on the same side last year for 1821 more sold. Smart Beltex types keenly contested for with plenty pens £110-£130. RA&C Benson, Gamswell topped the sale at £131 for a pen of 12 with Mason & Gardner selling a pen of 48 to £130. Strong Texel x and Suffolks often £105-£120. J C Wade & Son, Overton Bush once again selling a lovely run of lambs averaging £110.92 with there best pen to £114. Lake district farmers M & C Booth selling Texel crosses to £110.50. A lamb to sell sometime in early 2022 eitherside of £100 with longer keep lambs once again looking nicely sold oftern £80-£90. Some lambs in the £60’s but would be very lean and very small. Well over 1000 Mule lambs forward averaging £92.75. Stronger lambs £100+ with the first lamb in the ring from RW Mason to £127. A nice farming lamb in the £90’s all sale long with smaller types in the high £80’s, small leaner types £60+. A nice run of 207 mainly Mules from first time vendor C J Mallaber, Drakelow, Derbyshire averaged £101.63 with 98 lambs to £107.50. Horned lambs were once again easily placed, small types £50-£55 with medium lambs £60+. Nicely fleshed or stronger types £70-£80 with a few getting over £90 including a pen of SBF to £99. Another large entry expected on the 23rd with further entries invited.



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