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Auctioneer's Report (Greg MacDougall):

Auctioneer's Report (Greg MacDougall): Another decent entry forward, not the same quality as last week with mainly hill bred and light weights making up the entry, all reflected in the overall average. Heavy ewes good to sell and short of requirements with plenty selling between £150-£170 topping at £180 for Suffolk x from N Thorndyke, Horncastle. Best bred sorts depending on weight £140-£170 topping at £174.50 from Wannops Farms. Good selling ewes £100-£120. Lighter weight lean sorts £55-£75. heavy Mules £115-£130 topping at £132.50. next draw down around £100 with plain sorts £70-£80. Stronger Horned ewes over £100 with best fleshy Swale and SBF into the £90s, next cut down £75-£85 with plainer end £50-£60. Heavy rams £130-£150 with those well used around £100. Hill Rams £70-£90.

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Strong ewe trade continues with heavy Suffolks topping at £180