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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A superb trade from start to finish for the first Hogg and Lamb sale. All classes selling well above vendors expectations, with all leaving well suited with their returns. Leading the way in the Mule hoggs at £360 was Winter Bros, Clickham with their first prize pen, heading home with judge Gary Rylands, Kendal. Numerous other pens, including the second and third prize at £300, with plenty £250-£290 and the next draw £220-£240, with only the smalls less. Continentals sold to a top of £400 for the first prize pen from EJ Ward & Son, Carnforth, these caught the eye of Longtown farmer Joe Marrs. The fancier sorts often £320-£350, with strong commercial hoggs nicely either side of £300, the next draw £260-£280. Joe Gorst taking the first and second rosette in the Masham class, with these realising £320 & £260. Cheviot Mules from R & E Butterfield to £385 & £370 whilst the 1st place any other breed, Suffolk Halfbreds from Winter Bros realised £380. Geld Mule hoggs to £152 twice, both pens from Frank & Sue Towers, plenty £130-£140 and looking well sold for the goods on offer.



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Continental Hoggs & Lambs top at £400 from EJ Ward