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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): Thirty new calved cows and heifers filled the shippons this morning. Trade not quite as brisk as previous weeks, but nor was the entry. A run of 6 new calved heifers from David Knowles met much interest both ringside and on the telephone, with the whole consignment heading to South Wales. The best, a 16day calved 30litre heifer realising £2350, others at £2300 & £2000. Brian Robinson, Westhouse also at £2000. Many other heifers £1800-£1980, the next draw £1600-£1750 with a few others less money. Best of the cows came from Dave Mutton, Billingcoat, with a lovely 2nd calver, she caught the eye of David Coulthurst and was eventually knocked down at £2150. A run of 2nd-5th calved Friesian cows from Mike Livesey, £1420-£1650. The sale of Norwegian Red cross heifers from John Sandwith, Leeds saw his best in-calf heifers peak at £1000, other month served heifers £820-£920. Maiden heifers sold between £620-£680 with the best peaking at £760, averaging £656, whilst the four heifer calves topped at £380, averaging £358. Christmas show in a fortnight, 25th November. A superb entry of milking cows, heifers and in-calf heifers expected. Entries already include 12 in-calf heifers from 2 local farms.

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2nd Calved Cow from Dave Mutton realising £2150