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Auctioneer’s Report (Stephen Dennis): The largest entry of the season so far sold well to a wider audience of buyers from various parts of he country including Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Devon. Mule ewes dearer on the week with the better outfits selling either side of £230 topping at £236 for 3 crop ewes with twins from Messrs Cornall, Lane House. Best of the CTL x ewes sold to £340 from Emma Wallbank from a super run of black Texels with Beltex x lambs. Second quality sheep also better to sell on the week. The show of gimmer shearlings not quite living up to last year’s quality. That said, the prize pens of CTL x all returned £300, the Champions from the Franklands edging it at £302. Overall, a solid trade throughout with something to suit all tastes and budgets.



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1st Prize Shearlings with Lambs from Frankland Farms realising £302