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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A role reversal to last months sale, with the younger cattle better to sell, grazing types a shade easier, whilst the bigger and better end sorts would be harder to place - reflecting the weekly feed price increases. Top end dairy bred bullocks to £1170 from A Hardy, Keighley, best suckler bred types £1000+, IK & AM Grisedale achieving £1100 of their Limousin Heifer, matched by Mason & Gardner with their Blue Heifers and Mark Whitton at £1130 with his Simmental Bullocks. Nice grazing beasts could be bought from £750-£850, with the better end either side of £900. Black and whites to £690 and £680 from JM & AE Wallbank and R Lamont Dunslow respectively whilst early on a pen of 6/7m from David Mitchell, Bradford realised £620. Bulls to £1130 from Ian Grisedale.



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549 stirks forward to a high of £1130