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Auctioneer's Report (Will Alexander):

Auctioneer's Report (Will Alexander): John Minshall of Staffordshire cast his expert eye over the two dairy classes, a straight forward start with the cows, John Fox taking first and second in the class, these 2nd calvers realising £1700 & £1420. A lovely turnout of 13 heifers for the next class- John Waller, Killington was awarded the first place ticket and the champion rosette with his lovely square heifer, calved 12days and yielding 32litres, she was the choice of Tony & Stephen Hunter, Berrier, Cumbria. A run of 10 Heifers from Robin Jennings filled the top shippon and topped at £1980 twice, to average £1720. Last in the ring was Dave Martin, who had a lovely heifer which narrowly escaped the rosettes, she was caught by the eyes of Tom & Jonathon Pollock, Ainstable, Carlisle and sold to the second top price of the day at £2100. A straight trade throughout with 14 active buyers and others going home empty handed, plenty of heifers £1650-£1850, with the better end in the £1900s. Heifers averaged £1756 for all 27 forward, whilst cows levelled at £1490.

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Champion Dairy Heifer Tops at £2300