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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): One of the largest entries to date with just over 700 forward. A large number of dairy bred types with better quality cattle forward in fewer numbers. Bearing in mind fertiliser and future feed prices, trade remained firm with plenty of customers in attendance including some from Aberdeenshire and a strong Yorkshire contingent in attendance. With the sun shining, plenty of customers could buy and turn straight out. A nice run from Mason & Gardner, Philpin topped the sale at £1210 with a Limousin Steer with a strong Simmental heifer to £1200. A lovely run of yearling Limousins from local farmers ST & EM Harrison, Aikengill, Tatham topped at £1105 with others to £1605, £1060. Stronger and best grazing types £1000+. Better dairy bred types £800+ with the younger sorts £650-£750 and a few smaller types at £500+. Younger Continentals £800-£950. Over 200 native bred cattle (AA, Hereford) in the entry topped at £1120 for Herefords from J & T Wharton, Kirfit Hall. B + Ws topped at £900 from B & J Park, Garsdale with a pen of 8 pure Friesians from Messrs Livesey to £865. Harder sorts £400-£500 with a stage stronger £600-£700. Next sale Tuesday 17th May.



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