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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A small entry for the fortnightly sale, the best to £2000 from Mark Atkinson, with others to £1880 from Dick Holden, Broughton in Furness. Cows to a top of £1920 from J & M Whitfield & Sons, High Park House with their second calver. The main of the sale was made up of the dispersal on behalf of JR Middleton & Sons, Dent. The best of the herd to £1600 twice, both being heifers scanned back in calf to sexed semen. Best of the older cows also topping at £1600 for a June calved 4th Calver, other better end cows £1400-£1500, the next draw either side of £1100, with the longer calved older girls £750-£850. A healthy average of £1165 for all on offer. In-calf heifers to £1580, and bullers to £1050 both from John Sandwith, Leeds.



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Shippons full on Wednesday with the Dispersal from JR Middleton & Sons