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SPRING LAMBS Lamb trade in keeping with the national average although a pleasing trade on the day and by all reports one of the strongest of the day. Averaging all in 244.1p. As expected nicer bred lambs and heavies the best to sell. B&AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall topping with a smart Beltex type at £156.50 with SR&PA Thompson, Newfield topping per kilo at 350p with there 1st prize Beltex lambs. Heavy lambs in general £130-£146. B Poucher & Son of Horncastle sold their best to £147.50 averaging just over £130. Near neighbour N Thorndyke selling his best to £136. Smartest lambs 300p+with SR&PA Thompson selling others to 333p, B&AC Barnes 331.4p, J&A Lawson 327.8p. Better commercial sorts 250p-270p with a run of the mill lambs 230p-240p. Better end Suffolk lambs 240p-260p with Suffolk x Mules 220p-230p. A large number of lambs 35kg-39kg in the entry with the lightest sorts harder to cash. Best end 270p-286p with plain types 220p-240p. With the inevitable now happened with the trade it is still worth noting they are still 7.1p dearer than this time last year with more being sold.



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1st Prize Lambs -40kg realising 350ppkg = £140.00 from SR&PA Thomson