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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): All classes of ewes once again on fire with fierce bidding from start to finish. Just short of 1800 forward saw the heaviest types sell at extreme rates, perhaps the dearest ever seen. Nigel Thorndyke presented another outstanding run of Suffolk x ewes topping at £227 to average £199.85 for 69 sold with a continental ram topping the sale at £245. Countless best bred ewes and heavies £180-£225. A cut below £150-£170. Good selling leaner ewes look a proper price with plenty £120-£140. The best pens of Mules either side of £140 with smaller fleshy types £120+. Leaner sorts all £100+. Strongest horned ewes £100+ again this week with SBF from Rowland and Woodward to £116.50. Smaller meaty ewes £85-£95 with medium types £70+. Plain ewes £50+. Another decent entry of cast rams with the best end £180-£240. Leaner types £130-£150. A mixed bag of hill rams topped at £133.50 for Swales from GA & SM Wainwright & Sons, Ollerbrook.



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Another busy Wednesday with over 8000 sheep sold!