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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A flying dairy trade from start to finish, Andrew Blacoe of Lytham first in the ring with his trio, his best heifer setting the bar high at £2280, 28days calved and with a daily yield of 32litres, she headed home with David Coulthurst, Goosnargh, his other heifer at £2050, whilst his 2nd calved cow realised £1850. It wasn’t till late on in the sale the top price was pipped, by heifer rearer James Bainbridge with a smashing 26litre 9 day fresh heifer which headed to Skipton at £2500. Other top prices to note include, PD & BS Lawrence at £2250, John Waller at £2200, David Knowles at £2180, Robin Jennings £2100, John Fox £2050. 13 Heifers averaged a solid £2026. George Whitwell’s 2nd calved cow lead the way in the cow section at £2100, closely followed by Peter Swindlehurst at £2000 and Chris Lund’s 2nd calved Fleckvieh at £1920, commercial cows £1700-£1850 with a few indifferent sorts harder to place, reflected in the averages.



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JE Bainbridge’s Heifer tops the day’s sale at £2500