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Auctioneer's Report (Greg MacDougall): Despite farmers’ growing concerns about the lack of grass and what lies ahead for the coming season for UK farming, the annual Whitsuntide sale was another great success. Unrivalled for quality, some outstanding consignments of both Mule and Ctl hoggs were on offer with trade remaining strong from start to finish. It was regular consigners, the Winters family at Clickham who led the way in the Mule section with an outstanding run. All with strong Suffolk lambs at foot, they topped at £300 being knocked down to Ross Sizmur Livestock of Devon, who bought the next two pens at £260. Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm followed with some wonderful, bright hoggs again with Suffolk lambs selling to £232 with others to £230. Best Mule hoggs in general £190-£210 with more commercial sorts £160-£180 with a few younger outfits £130-£150. Overall average £184.46. Plenty of quality on offer in the Ctl section with NL & CJ Brown, Claughton Hall selling another nice run of Ctl hoggs with Beltex lambs to £250 with D & R Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill close behind at £248. GW Whitwell of Lanshaw topped at £255 for Ctl hoggs with twin Texel lambs. A smart pen from local vendor ST Birkett sold to £220. Better end sorts in general £200-£215 with Texel x Mules £185-£195. A few smaller hoggs with young lambs £150-£160. Overall average £202.03. The day’s sale started with a small entry of ewes with lambs topping at £300 for a Texel ewe with strong twin lambs from J Stenton, Pickering. An annual consignment from A & CM Taylor, Botton Head sold Suffolks to £190 and Mules to £178.

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Mule Hoggs with single lambs top at £300 from Winter Bros, Appleby at the Annual Whitsuntide Sale