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Auctioneer’s Report (Stephen Dennis):A cracking show of Swaledale Breeding Sheep which gains in quality ever year. A strong entry of show sheep gave the judges plenty to think about. Ted Fox of Biggar and Richard Hutchinson of Redgate presided over the draft ewes eventually awarding top place to Bill Cowperthwaite of Tennant Gill which later sold to the judge, Richard Hutchinson for £290/head. Bill also took 3rd place later selling for £270 to Messrs Crocker of Greystone. Stockdale sheep from Messrs R & E Cowperthwaite & Son achieved 2nd prize bought by Matthew Sedgwick of Hawes for £220. Standing 4th in the show Messrs Hutchinson of Hebblethwaite sold for £175 to George & David Whitwell, Lanshaw whilst 5th placed sheep from AH Price & Son sold to Wayne Allen for £160. An equally strong class of shearlings were judged by Sam Hudson (Jnr) of Ashbourne and Richard Hutchinson who picked out a pen from Dick & John Gorst of Quermore as the best selling later in the day for £165 to David Gregory, Glossop who also bought 2nd place pen from John & Jean Bradley for £185. In 3rd place was the best of Jack Wade’s run of strong shearlings selling to Barkers of Brown Edge for £175. The overall average for 3 crop Swaledales of £124.21 was up £44.23 on the year whilst shearlings averaged £132.68, up £34.81. Leading prices included: DRAFT EWES TW Cowperthwaite, Tennant Gill £290, £270, £182, £165; R & E Cowperthwaite & Son, Stockdale £220, £165; A & M Brennand, Ellerbeck £220; JE & DJ Hutchinson, Hebblethwaite £175; J & JE Bradley, Pennygrange £170, £160, £150; ST & RK Handley, Thornton Hall £170, £160; JM & JJ Dawson, Field Head £162; AH Price, Longbank £160; GJ & ME Walker, Whitendale £155; RM Wilson, Gill Garth £155 x 2 , £150 SHEARLINGS J & JE Bradley £200, £185; JC Wade, Catchall £180, £175 x 2, £170; JM & ED Hutchinson, Pott Yeats £170, £162; JR & J Gorst, Appletree £165; R & PE Hargreaves, Barley £150; Mrs J Simpson, Millstones £150

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1st Prize Swaledale Draft Ewes from TW Cowperthwaite realise £290