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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): Liam and Billy Broster took charge of the Christmas Show for Short Wooled Lambs. Several pens were put in front of the judges with the eventual winning pen coming from GR & A Foy, Conder Green with five Beltex lambs scaling 46kg later making £250 or 543.4p purchased by the Judge. Erica Avis, Goole took Reserve with her lambs making £200 or 434.7p purchased by Harry Wood. Away from the show, a very mixed show of quality with very much a two tier trade. Best heavy and smart lambs meeting a fast trade with leaner, lighter and some first cross lambs harder to place although it can’t be said that there were any disasters. Some Store types would perhaps make more on a Tuesday. Best handy weight lambs 320-380p. A nice pen from first time vendors T Hill and R Wright, Doncaster sold to 390.2p or £160 with J & I Whitaker to 389.7p, MB Townley at 386.1p and EJ Ward to 386.1p. Best of the heavies £160-£190. A consignment from Procters Farm Ltd topped at £235 purchased by Bowland Foods with the consignment going on to average £206.50. Frankland Farms sold their best to £195. Commercial types £128-£140 depending on weight and breed. Handy weight commercial lambs 290-300p with plainer sorts 275-280p. Handy weight Mules 265-280p topping at 285.6p from R & A Easterby, Fellside. Heavier sorts £120-£130 with RW Tarbatt topping at £131. Fewer horned lambs this week with SBF from AA & HM Capsticktopping at £126.50. Lightweights in general 250-280p with nicer types 300p+ topping at 342.9p from AL Thompson, Colne.



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Christmas Champion Beltex Lambs realise £250 from GR & A Foy