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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): Demand for calves remains strong for the time of year, with buyers from both the East and West coasts competing for the 94 calves on offer. Best of the continentals came from Roeburndale, with Stephen Wright showing a trio of Lim bulls selling to £425 twice and £360. Blue bulls hit a high of £400 on three occasions, firstly from Simon Coultherd, Clapham with a sweet 4week old calf, whilst a couple of stronger sorts from Mike Packham, Kendal realised the same. Other blue bulls £365-£395, mediums £260-£305 with a few small and younger sorts either side of £220. No real out and out heifers, the best to £310 from Andrew Booth, Austwick, with most others £230-£270. Native calves in nice demand, it was a stonking Angus bull at 6 weeks from Ken Polkinghorne which shot to £410, topping the section, others £300+, with the next bracket either side of £220. Hereford bulls £245-£275 dependant on size, topping at £300 from HH&MG Robinson, Slaidburn. Both Angus & Hereford Heifers generally £160-£200. Plenty of Fleckvieh and Montbelliarde bulls on offer, a run of stronger Fleckviehss from Will Robinson sold to £330, whilst the sweeter end peaked at £260 from Steve Hodgson, Ulverston. Montbelliardes to £195 from Chris Booth, Wigglesworth. Black and whites met strong demand, with the strongest to £145 from Andy Wallbank, Arkholme, plenty of rearers £85-£105, with the next draw £60-£75, averaging £77.

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Lim Bull Calves to £425 from A & MA Wright & Sons