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June 30, 2022
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July 14, 2022
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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A flyer from start to finish, with no let up in demand what so ever. Kicking off the morning was Messrs Potter-Wharton from Orton with a trio of Friesian Heifers at £2100 twice and £2000. A total of 8 over £2500, including John & Edward Fox at £2650 & £2680, Dave Barton £2680, Mark Atkinson at £2700 & £2750 topping the day, matched by John Huddleston also at £2750. 6 Cows forward, equally as well bid for, the best from Chris Lund, Pump House a 2nd calver at £2700, Colin Birkett’s 3rd calver at £2620 and his 4th Calver at £2400, W Beck & Son, Barugh House realised £2600 of their milky 4th calver.



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A flying trade for Dairy topping at £2750 twice