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Auctioneer’s Report (Greg MacDougall): The sale of prime hoggs may not have got started much before 9pm but the trade was certainly worth waiting for. Even gone 1am, there was still an active ringside of 12 buyers in attendance all keen to ensure numbers and many more could have been sold with several buyers reporting they were short of numbers. Overall average 308.9p (SQQ 317.3p) or £138.00. On the stroke of midnight, JP Mason & Sons, Malton topped the sale at £190 for a pen of 3 Beltex with further pens to £188, £187 x 4 averaging £183.98 for 105 sold. Heavy sheep in strong demand with plenty £165-£185. Topping per kilo at 385.6p was a run of well presented clipped hoggs from RL & AR Phillips , Fir Trees. Smart hoggs in general 340-380p. Commercial sorts 310-320p. Hoggs 45-50kg also easy sold, a run of mainly Suffolk/ Cheviot from Robert Lamont, Dunslaw averaged £148.57, J Bowling & Son £150.81, G & R Dawson £147.28, GF & CH Johnson £141.72. Trade in general £140-£155. A few pens of heavy Mules breaking the £150 mark with a pen of 32 to £156.50 with a further 51 to £152.50 all from G & R Dawson. Handy weights 300p-320p from MW & M Skidmore, Billingham. A great run of well presented SBF hoggs from first time vendor AV & G Ratcliffe, Shropshire topped the section per head at £149 with others to £147, £146, £145.50. Local feeder AT Burrow topped per kilo at 320.8p. Lightweight hoggs can only be described as off the clock. M Kitching, Fell End selling CTLs to 375.7p with EJ & SP Jackson of Oswestry selling Cheviots to £128.50 or 347.2p. SBF to 303.5p from CW Foster of York with Swales to 286.8p from AR Williamson of Whitby. Overall all the lightweights averaged 287.3p including plenty of misfits and tail end goods.



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A huge entry of over 8,600 sheep on Wednesday night with all classes in demand