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Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander):

Auctioneer’s Report (Will Alexander): A shippon full of quality today, with 5 over £2000. David Knowles was back with a trio of superb heifers, his best at £2050, the top price of the day, with others at £2020 and £1900. The day’s judge Simon Case, Ulverston picked Mark Smith of Winterburn’s best heifer as his first place heifer and champion, which he later secured at £2000. Other prices to note include, Jeff Burrows at £2020 and John Dawson, Bleak Bank with a lovely heifer at £2000. Vast majority of heifers £1600 and over, to average £1710. Cows in good demand too, George and David Whitwell leading the way with the cows, their best 2nd calver taking first place in the pre-sale show and realising £1950 and second place with a 3rd calver later selling at £1750.

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Five Dairy Cows over £2000