Tuesday 16th January

10.30am 50 Cast Cows & OTM Cattle

Wednesday 17th January



Prizes for British Blue Sired Calves

Calves to be Under 60 Days Judging at 11.30am 4pm 2000 Cast & Feeding Ewes 6pm 3000 Prime Hoggs Followed by Cast Ewe 2nd ballot

Tuesday 23rd January at 11.30am

1st Winter Sale of


Entries Inc: Maurice Lawson 50 Mule Ewes & 20 Texel x Ewes due March 1st (Flock Reduction); R D & K Brewer 55 Ctl Ewes; Proctors Farms 25 Suffolk x Chev Shlgs Due March 15th; MJ Lohr 120 Mule Shlgs 70 Mixed Ewes Due March 20th; R Lawson 50 Texel x & 50 Mule Ewes due March 15th; M Joel 40 Texel x Due March 1st

Wednesday 24th January

Month End Show & Sale of Dairy Cattle

Wednesday 31st January

Annual Show & Sale of Dalesbred Prime Hoggs


Tuesday 6th February

Monthly Salf of Suckler Breeding Cattle, FEEDING BULLS & STORE CATTLE

Wednesday 7th February

Super Two Challenge

Prizes for the Best Pair of Prime Hoggs


If you would like to promote your business at any of our upcoming sales please contact the office.

Sponsorship & Promotion packages can be tailored to meet each Company’s need and for each different event.

 EMAIL:  bentham@rturner.co.uk






8 Simmental Bulling Heifers (20-22mo)

Not registered York Area

Contact Stephen Dennis 07713 075 661



15 Lim x & BB x Hfrs with 2 month old Lim Calves at Foot

Contact Stephen on 07713 075 661

or Greg on 07713 075 664


7 Sim x Luing Heifers

due February to Brb x Lim Bull

8 Sim x Luing Heifers

due May to Brb x Lim Bull

24 Sim x Luing Cows due February to Brb x Lim Bull or Lim Bull

9 Sim x Luing Stirks (7-8mo)

Contact Will on 07590 876 849



19 well grown Gritstone Gimmer Hoggs

Contact Will on 07590 876 849


German Fox Sheep

Flock of 30 German Fox Sheep with January born lambs (Property of Mason Weir, Douthwaite Head Farm, Ullswater)

The only flock of German Fox Sheep in England. To sell either as a flock or will split to suit buyer’s requirements.

Also for Sale 12 Black Badger Faced Ewes with Purebred Lambs, x bred Badger Ewes with Cheviot lambs.

Contact Stephen on 07713 075 661




Young In-Calf Lim x Cows

Due Mid-January onwards

 Contact Stephen on 07713 075 661


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