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Auctioneer’s Report (Stephen Dennis): The quality of the entry not quite matching last week. Best quality lambs again selling at premium rates. A wonderful pen of Beltex lambs from AJ Wood of Whittingham topped the sale with his best pair of 42kg lambs grossing £205.50 or 492p. Freddie Jenkinson of Stalmine took the honours in the show with a pair of 40kg Texel x lambs selling for £185.50 to Harry Wood for Bowland Foods. Other leading prices included local farmers: George Bell 38kg at £186.50. Brian & Tom Barnes 40kg at £181.50 and Stephen Thompson 43kg at £178.50. Travelled vendors also in the top prices, the best of a cracking consignment from Davison Bros selling making £184.50 for a pair of 45kg lambs; Graham Cornforth of Tadcaster returning £171.50 for a trio of 42kg lambs; Jack Battersby of Lincoln topping at £171.50 with a 52kg lamb; a stylish consignment from Phillip Elliott from Penrith topping at £170 for pens of 42kg and 44kg lambs. 1st cross lambs either side of 325p and looking well sold on the week. An SQQ average of 342p. Quality sorts in big demand and more needed to fill buyers’ orders.



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1st Prize Spring Lambs from WA Jenkinson realise £185.50